Discovering Power & Purpose

Founded in 1984 with the mission of working to end homelessness in Chicago, Featherfist helps those in need discover the “power & purpose” to change their lives. Homeless individuals, families, veterans, the chronically homeless, and those with physical and/or mental health barriers all require very different types of assistance to become self-supporting and independent. Featherfist understands the complexities involved in each individual case and has more than 35 years of experience to solve problems as they arise.

Our Ethics Statement: Going the Extra Mile

The “extra mile” is not a rhetorical concept. It is a place on the continuum of care where each person who works for Featherfist can always be found. It is a position we relish and standup proudly to defend.

Workers at Featherfist know their tasks and complete them correctly and professionally because they realize that every aspect of their work is an indication of the Agency’s commitment and reputation in the Chicagoland community.

Workers at Featherfist understand that service to the human condition is not just the stuff of great films and literature, but the daily fare of Featherfist homeless outreach and service workers. We accept the challenge to serve and serve well, every client, every day, as long as we are able.

Advocating for Genuine Change

When people think of helping the homeless, they often focus on finding housing—usually temporary housing.  At Featherfist, we go beyond shelter to finding each client stable housing. But we don’t stop there.

Featherfist works to eliminate the barriers to self-sufficiency and self-determination by ending the cycle of homelessness that too often passes from generation to generation. We assist in empowering our clients to reach their long term goals that can lead to entry or re-entry into the mainstream. And we take whatever time is needed to help them stay in mainstream society.

At Featherfist, we seek innovative solutions to complex social problems in order to create genuine, permanent change in the lives of the people we serve.


Featherfist Mission
We instill “power and purpose” to vulnerable households who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Chicago by assisting them in their advancement toward self-sufficiency through the provision of stable housing, case management, training and connection to benefits and resources. It is our mission to end homelessness.

Featherfist Vision
We help all vulnerable populations such as the elderly, mentally ill, chronically homeless, veterans, and families discover the power and purpose they need to end intergenerational poverty and homelessness.

Featherfist Values

We believe:

  • In the value of every human life
  • In a place called “home” for everyone
  • In the autonomy of each individual
  • In going the extra mile
  • In leaving judgment at the door
  • In every individual story and each voice
  • In limitless possibilities